I Will Restore Biafra By All Means – Nnamdi Kanu

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Prince Nnamdi Kanu has restated his allegiance to restoring the autonomous dignity of Biafra.

Kanu secure during his broadcasting Biafra announcement on Thursday, held the demise of his parents will launch new push in him that will trigger the introduction of the inhabitants by every one of means.

He thought his member of the clergy was peaceful and the mother, in any case loved by every one noting that no one comes to their palace without frequent at your house with a gift article or not to be fed.

He bare that his father, who is dotingly called by several as Ume Udo (peacemaker) be repulsed by violence and give birth to not killed everybody before.

He assumed the killing of his parents was after sighting twenty-eight listless bodies the home-grown ancestors of Biafra (IPOB) members allegedly cruelly murdered by the Nigerian militia during a forces exercise, action Python Dance, in Afaraukwu community.

He thought the homicide is blasphemous accepted out in the palace of the overdue imperial Majesty, Eze Okwu Kanu.

The trauma-induced in cooperation parents and took their lives absent from them.

In a divide situation communal on his reserved Facebook folio on Friday night, Kanu unlimited a moving recognition to every one who came to bemoan with him, count the Biafra is at present sure.

He understood dreadfully quickly Biafrans will March and the sun will armed somewhere ‘the vandals are beaten and the tricolour of the rising sun raised by no means to be lowered again’.

He, however, gratitude Chuwku-okike (God) for the accomplishment achieved and every one that helped to put the enemies to shame.

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