Why we will not support Biafra – Akwa Ibom Elders

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A team of Talk Nigeria reporters recently interviewed an Akwa Ibom Elder by Name Udofot Isip, who is a native of ikot ekpene L.G.A, on where he would stand if it came to a point where he had to choose between Biafra and Nigeria.

He said; Although Nigeria is not going the way we want, I will still be in support of Nigeria over Biafra. Biafrans are not honest, At least that I can say. I will take you back in history, the late Biafran leader, Ojukwu Betrayed his second in command who was apparently an Akwa ibomite. He led him to his death after he had fled Nigerian and left him in charge of BIAFRA. Ojukwu very well knew that Biafra as at then would not survive Nigeria’s attack, as the Igbo man he is, he ran away to fight another day leaving his second in command to be killed. I have so many other instances, but I will stop here.

He added; I would very much like to say that we Akwa ibomites, we’ll never be in support of Biafra. It’s high time we all join hands together to fix and fight this corruption that has eaten deep into the country’s future.

Well, that was what he said.

Now my question is, His story about how Ojukwu Betrayed his brother, is it valid ? Because I have heard this particular story in different versions, does anyone know what really happened?

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