Trump replies Nigeria again on travel ban

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The sudden announcement of a travel ban placed on Nigeria and five other countries seem to have been long awaited by the federal government but without the knowledge of Nigerians as the news came as a shocker. In the U.S effort of tightening up immigration security and ensuring transparency of immigrants data, a quick response from the white house clarifies that the affected foreign governments was notified of a change in performance metrics for identity management and information sharing criteria on March 11, 2019. Which in a way means that during this grace period certain updates and adjustment was expected to ensure a mutual understanding and transparency as regards travelers profile.

In a recent statement released, “The process began on March 11, 2019, when the United States government formally notified all foreign governments (except for Iran, Syria, and North Korea) about the refined performance metrics for the identity-management and information-sharing criteria, the proclamation read. DHS identified the worst-performing countries for further inter-agency review and for an assessment of the potential impact of visa restrictions.

“In addition, the United States government, led by the department of state, continued or increased engagements with many countries about those countries’ deficiencies. A number of foreign governments sent senior officials to Washington, D.C., to discuss those issues, explore potential solutions, and convey views about obstacles to improving performance.

“As a result of this engagement, one country made sufficient improvements in its information-sharing and identity-management practices and was removed from consideration for travel restrictions.”

In the wait for a possible ban lift, it is good to know that certain immigration adjustments like the possibility of a citizen being deported if certain rules like staying too long in foreign countries either for vocation or otherwise, the recent ban of traveling into the U.S just to give birth are already in process. Hence, the chances of having an immediate response on ban lift will be in accordance to how swifts the affected government fix the mentioned issues or even more.

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