Top 10 Richest Footballers In The World Today

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Here I bring to you top 10 richest footballers in the world with good skills. They have been play football and some have win many trophy.

Below are the top 10 player.

No 1

Cristiano Ronaldo – $450 million

This man has been playing football since he was born to the extent he become famous.

No 2

David Beckham – $450 million

This glorious footballer, is the second richest footballer in the world. His career last for 20 year and he won 19 trophies.

No 3

Lionel Messi – $400 million

This man is very skillful, talented and he is from Argentina. He is part of the richest footballer in 2020. The capital of Barcelona national team. Messi is also six – time – winner of FIFA Ballon – d’or award.

No 4

Dave Whelan – $220 million

Whelan 83, retired many years ago. His prosperity keeps flourishing despite the end of his career.

No 5

Alexander Pato – $145 million

Mostly know as Pato, the Brazilian football star, 30 years of age he is already on the list of the top ten richest footballer in the world.

No 6

Gareth Bale – $125 million

A professional footballer from Wales, his know not only for his striking from a distance/ outstanding physical abilities.

No 7

Wayne Rooney – $145 million

This man is popular because he is the winner of every possible title and award in English & European football.

No 8

Francesco TOTTI – $101.6 Million

Francesco TOTTI is an Italian footballer. His 43 and also one of the top ten wealthiest player in the world. He earned a good fortune.

No 9

Pele – $100milion

His also one of the best player in the world, and also one at of the top ten richest footballers.

No 10

Eden Hazard – $100 million

Eden Hazard is 29 a professional footballer from Belgium. He plays either as an attacking midfielder or a winger for Real Madrid (Spain)



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