Tinubu is behind my problem – Orji Uzo Kalu

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The former and now imprisoned Governor of Abia state bared his mind and said Tinubu is behind his ordeal.

It’s no news that the former Governor of Abia State had had a running case in court for years over alleged misappropriation of billions of naira .

And was finally convicted of embezzling the said billions by Lagos High Court.

Dr Orji Uzor as he’s pupolarly called in Abia,in interview with AljazirahNigeria at the Kuje Prison said Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu – a chieftain and founding father of APC is fighting against him because he’s arguably contender against him come 2023 Presidential election.

Noting that as it stand, that South East is yet to have a shot at the office of the president and vice president as well since 1999. And clearly he stood a chance and stands as formidable opposition to Tinubu.

He’s angry that despite he’s support for Buhari and APC, yet some element within the party is fighting against. Using the strategy of jailing him to remove him from political equation of 2023. Hence clearing the road for Tinubu come 2023 General Elections.

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