The master key to greatness and prosperity by James Alo

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There is a reason for your living on earth, everyone has a call, you were born for a purpose, God has an idea of what he want to see manifest in the world and He sent you to come and accomplish it. Your life purpose is the place your money is waiting for you, God blesses you when you are doing what He created you to do.

In the book of Matthew 6:33, Jesus said, seek the kingdom first and his righteousness and everything you need will be given to you by God. Seeking the kingdom means do what God wants you to do, be where God wants you to be.

Your greatness and prosperity lies in your life purpose, it sad that many people don’t know their life purpose, they are just existing instead of living, struggling to accomplish something because that is not what God created them to do.

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If you want to prosper and be great, find out what God  wants to do, where He wants you be, once you find it and pursue it, your prosperity and greatness is guarantee. I leave you with this question, why are you here?

James Alo is a motivational speaker, author, Bible teacher and media personality. He has a call to teach people the secrets of greatness and prosperity from the Bible. He writes and speaks on human potential.

His Bible based teachings have transformed millions of people around the world. He is the president of James Alo changing World. You can reach him on

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