The lists of 9 states with high rate of poverty in Nigeria, check your state

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Nigeria is a giant of Africa, yet some states in the same country can not afford minimum wage N18,000 to pay workers, what is wrong with those states?

it is because our leaders lack vision. All our focus is on oil, so any state that does not have oil will be poor, forgetting that every state in Nigeria has at least one mineral resources, the mineral resources in Ebonyi state can feed  Nigeria, yet Ebonyi is among the poor state, because oil is is not coming from there.

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Below is a list of the 9 states with the high poverty rate in Nigeria:

1. Zamfara state – 92% 2. Jigawa state – 88% 3. Bauchi state – 87% 4. Kebbi state – 86% 5. Katsina state – 82.2% 6. Taraba state – 78% 7. Gombe state – 77% 8. Ebonyi state – 56% 9. Plateau state – 51.6%

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