Take Honey Every Night For 2 Weeks And See 9 Things That Will Happen

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Honey has the potential to cure more that nine sicknesses, is highly medicinal and very rich in nutrients. In case you don’t know honey, honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using the nectar from flowers. We have three types of honey, fake honey, Agricultural honey and original honey.

If you add honey to avocado peer, it cure arthritis, honey cures burns, cuts and wound. It is good for pregnant women, it makes the baby in the womb to be brilliant and good hair.It stops bed wetting and frequent urination.

If you mix honey to pounded unripe plantain plus water, it cures stomach ulcer. It helps to reduce high blood pressure and stop voting. If you can be taking it two table spoons every night for two weeks, it will improve your eyes sight and you will have a clear vision.

Honey ease stress, it is a medicine for cough, it relax brain and make s someone to sleep well. Before i close let tell you how to know original honey.

1.If you put original honey inside deep freezer for 2years, it will not block, it is fake it will block.

2.If you put it on water it will go down to the bottom, if it is fake it will float.

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