Obaseki’s Victory Is A Leason To Me – Ambode

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In life, one must learn to take bold decision. Being controlled by another is not the best. You should learn to speak and decide for yourself and most importantly fight for what you want without seeking advice from others.

Ambode’s story is a popular and trending one. He has been a subject of discussion and ridicule to a lot of people, this started the day he lost his precious position because of fear and influence.

Ambode began his tenure as the governor of Lagos State on 29th May 2015, succeeding former governor Babatunde Fashola. When it was time for the second election, he was told to step down by his godfather, Tinibu and he accepted. Meanwhile he would have decamped to PDP and tried his luck rather than give up on what he desired so much for.

The same thing also have between Obaseki and Oshiomhole but obaseki proved and achieved what Ambode didn’t have the courage to do. Since he was denied the chance to contest for second term, he left APC for PDP and contested. Luckily for him, he won the election. Imagine if he had stayed back and watch what he deserves being ruled and controlled by another.

Ambode’s story has taught me and so many a lot of lesson, to always fight for anything you desire without considering what others have to say.

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