Nnamdi Kanu finally speak The reason he can not come to Nigeria

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The issue of Nnamdi Kalu coming back to bury his beloved parents have caused alot of controversy on social media, it has also caused different kinds of misunderstanding for the past few weeks .

Some people came up on social media, advising Nnamdi Kalu not to come back for the burial, they referred him to Moses in the Bible, who did not go to Egypt until the appointed time comes,

They further said that Nnamdi Kalu is the heart beat of Biafra people, is better for him to stay back and come at the appointed time of God to liberate the good people of Biafra.

Some said if he did not come to bury his lovely parents by giving them the last respect, it is a shameful thing to him.

Some people also said he is not man enough , if he stay aside why they buriel his lovely parents. But Nnamdi Kalu have said he is coming Back to Nigeria to give his parents last respect.

Will you advise Nnamdi Kalu to come back or he should stay back, while his siblings take care of the burial?

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