A Nigerian Lady Was Dumped 3 Days To Her Wedding After 4 Years Courtship, See What She Did

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The story of Ijeoma Agu, Anambra state born Evangelist is one of the most inspire stories i ever read. 2016 she met a man inside bus on her way to lagos, they discussed and exchange phone number, from there the relationship started.

Their relationship continue till December 2019 when they went Anambra for traditional marriage which was successful. They fix their this January, one week before the wedding a prophecy came when the went to meet a prophet for the wedding, he went for prayer and met another thing.

After the prayer the man of God told him to withdraw from the marriage if he loves his life, that if goes ahead to do the wedding he die after the wedding. According to the man of God, the man need to some sacrifices, after the sacrifice he should look for another lady.

The man came and break the news to his wife, long story after everything people thought that Ijeoma will commit suicide, but the story changed, she went and bought megaphone start preaching in the city of Onitsha, she is an Evangelist.

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