“How I made my first money in music” – Wizikid

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– Nigerian superstar Wizkid has shared the struggles he faced as an upcoming musician back in the day – While speaking in a recent interview, Starboy revealed that the first money he ever made was N250,000 – Wizkid

who is now a billionaire shared that he has learned to manage money overtime Nigerian superstar Wizkid recently opened up about his grass to grace story. The 29-year-old musician revealed that the first money he ever made was N250,000 and getting such an amount when he first started was a huge deal for him. In an interview with Vanguard,

Wizkid, stated that receiving the money pushed him to believe in could touch a million dollars. Starboy shared that he came from nothing and chased his passion and is reaping the fruits of his labour today.

He said: “I can never forget. The first big money I ever collected was N250,000; I was so excited. I remember that after I touched that money, I told my partner at that time; ‘Bro, we started this music hustle with nothing, now we are able to make N250,000.

If we are able to really make this kind of money, I think we can touch a million US Dollars’. I am happy to say that, today, we are getting more than one million US Dollars.”

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