Just In: Police Discovered New torture centre in Daura, Buhari’s town

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The Nigerian police have discovered another torture centre, this time in Daura, Katsina State, President Muhammadu Buhari’s hometown, just weeks after 400 people, including children, were freed from the Rigasa-Kaduna house of horror.

TVC News said, unlike the Kaduna Islamic centre, the Daura house of torture is a traditional torturing centre allegedly meant to be a reformation centre for children with character deformation.

Inside the bungalow where 300 people were crammed by a Malam Bello

More than 300 inmates, in critical conditions, were discovered in the small mud house.

TVC said the house has been shut down by the Commissioner of Police in Katsina state.

The police reportedly came in following a riot by the inmates over excessive abuses.

The centre is operated by one Malam Bello in Daura has been in existence for over forty years with its brutal and dehumanization techniques of rehabilitation.

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