Just in: Don’t ever condemn Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB or you’re in trouble – Prophet warns Nigerians

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Prophet Odumeje, The General over seer of Holy ghost Intervention ministries, has warned Nigerians Not to speak against Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

Don’t speak against the People, they are talking about Biafra, and Don’t speak against that Man, Nnamdi Kanu, it’s not easy.

If people have found a way to kill that guy (Nnamdi Kanu) they would have killed him but the lord never allowed the Jews to be Destroyed.

Nnamdi kanu is a hero, I appreciate him!.

I will always speak to you because, your destiny did no lie in the hands of any man, but your destiny lies in the hands of the Lord.

I can never pretend to tell the truth, Before many see Igbos as bad people but now they see us as good people, we are not greedy neither wicked, we are the development of the Nation, any where we are, there is prosperity and anywhere we are not there is no prosperity.

He started declarations; if you are for prosperity, anywhere you are, receive property. Igbo man anywhere you are proper etc. The southeast, Igbo people Receive Prosperity. He prayed.

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