How to get 20000 megabit for N3000 all in Tstv

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How to get 20 megabit for N3000 all in Tstv:TStv is the latest Pay TV service in Nigeria. Launching on October 1, 2017, TStv is promising loads of new value added services that are already exciting consumers in Nigeria. Some of the perks include the ability to pause your subscription for up to 7 days in a month, PVR feature with up to 500GB built-in storage, Video on Demand, Video Calls, and free 20GB data. However the thing that is exciting consumers the most about TStv is the affordable price, which has been capped to 3000 Naira per month by the company.

Satellite Dish Required

TStv is a satellite Direct to Home (DTH) Pay TV service just like DSTV. This means you will need to install a satellite dish for your system. According to information on the company’s website, your dish should be pointing to the ABS 3A satellite located at 3 degrees west.

How to get 20 megabit for N3000 all in Tstv

You also require a set top box (decoder). The good news is that the dish and the decoder will cost just 5,000 Naira, making it affordable for a lot more Nigerians.

The TStv Set Top Box

The set top box (decoder) by TStv is the most versatile so far in the industry. This decoder uses the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HBB TV) tech to deliver high quality entertainment to your home. HBB TV combines satellite and internet services like IPTV and broadband to deliver content and other value added services to your home.

How to get 20 megabit for N3000 all in Tstv

The TStv set top box will support internet connectivity and will even act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting your devices to the internet. The company is also bundling 20GB of free data in the 3000 Naira monthly. With the data you can do video calls, Video on Demand, and other value added broadband services.

The decoder also comes with a PVR feature that enables you pause and rewind live TV. With its 500GB built-in storage you can store a whole lot of content for future viewing. The decoder also allows you pause your TStv subscription for 7 days with a 30-day period. This means you can pause your subscription if you are not going to be around for a couple of days and resume when you return.

How to get 20 megabit for N3000 all in Tstv

TStv Subscription & Package

For now it seems TStv will offer one subscription plan. The plan costs 3,000 Naira. However, the unique thing about the service is that it offers flexible pay as you go option. For example, you can pay 200 Naira, 500 Naira, 750, Naira, 1000 Naira, 1500 Naira, and 3000 Naira depending on the length of time you want to subscribe.

Paying the full 3000 Naira will give you 30 days access plus 20GB of free data. You also get one month free subscription.

How to get 20 megabit for N3000 all in Tstv

TStv Channels

TStv boasts of over 70 channels ranging from Sports, News, Movies, Music, Kids, Documentaries, and much more.


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