Get KXD Mobile Smartphones From Jumia for Only ₦ 16,280 and ₦ 17,020

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In the early 2017, KXD mobile phone was established by the manufacturer from china, which have been in the market of Africa soon. The strength core of KXD’s communications devices comes with R&D and technology.

The KXD firms, owns a large scale R&D laboratories in China with more than 100 R&D teams and more patents in the communications fields.

Owing to rich experience in the industry and amount of talents and capital it attracted, KXD reached an annual growth rate over 70% from 2008 to 2010, while in 2010, the global sales achieved more than RMB 1 billion, a spirit of “Shenzhen Speed”. KXD is one of the few companies that have the right to manufacture both GSM and CDMA mobile phones and established long-term cooperative relationships with many telecommunications companies in the world. KXD has become a large-scale professional manufacturer which integrates R&D, parts production and assembly, sales and after-sales service of mobile phones as well as OEM/ODM services.

KXD wants to redefine smartphones for the masses. Recently KXD is going to release 2 super affordable smartphones for the Indian market—W50 and W55. Unlike other entry-level phones, W50 and W55 come with premium design, IPS display, enhanced speaker, pure Android experience, all-day-long battery and surprising prices. KXD wants to make sure that even you buy a low-end phone; you will get a better user experience than others.

W50: 5-inch IPS display; MT6580 quad-core, 1G RAM+8G ROM, 8MP+5MP camera, dual SIM, TF card expansion, 2100mAh battery;

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