Flat tummy made easy in 1 month: How to do it

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Learn Flat tummy made easy in 1 month: How to do it.Big tummy is not the evidence of good living, both men and women. Some people see it as an evidence of big men and women, both they are making mistake. I met a man who told me that he wants to build his tummy, so that people will assume that he has money. And he start to command respect, that is why you see some people with big tummy, they no border to reduce it. Not knowing that flat tummy helps you to fit skinny jeans or dresses, apart from that.

Flat tummy made easy in 1 month: How to do it

Do you know that fat stomach is more dangerous that locating fat in other part of the body.  The fact that belly fat is an accumulation of fat around delicate organs of the body is frightening. Fatty liver is as a result of excess fat being absorbed and stored in the liver. This ultimately leads to inflammation and scarring of the liver or even in some cases liver failure or cancer. Other risks associated with Belly Fat include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other life threatening ailments.

Flat tummy made easy in 1 month

Lets look at how you can reduce your tummy.

1 Set it as a goal

Seeing loss of stomach fat as a health goal is the first step in helping you work hard towards having a flat belly. Once you realise the dangers of having excess belly fat, you are more aware of choices you make that may either improve or aggravate the condition.

2 Minimize sugar intake

Taking much of sugar increases fat in the body, for fat people it is not good to be taking soft drinks all the time. In Nigeria i see some fat people taking soft drinks like 2 to 3 bottles in a day, it is not good for them. In Nigeria, some women cook beans, yam with sugar, and still eat it with soft drinks.

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Flat tummy made easy in 1 month


3. Water

Having a cup of water right before meals help you consume less calories. Aiming to drink a total of 8 glasses minimum goes a long way in flushing the liver, improving digestion and expelling sodium from the body which also causes stomach bloating.

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4. Fibre

Found in fruits and vegetables speed up metabolism to help burn stomach fat.

Flat tummy made easy in 1 month


5. Exercise

Engaging in various forms of exercise also helps in burning excess calories for flat Belly.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle generally will help prevent us from having dangerous life threatening sicknesses in the future


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