Final Warning: Your Sim Card Will Be Block Before January 27 If You Don’t Act Fast

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More than 90 million people are using mobile phone in Nigeria, some have two sim cards, even three. And there are 3.47 million unregistered sim cards in Nigeria, according to the minister of information, the unregistered sim cards stand the risk of being block within next two weeks.

Don’t say i did not tell you, when you wake up on January 27 and discover that your sim card is block, you can make or receive call. It is not because your enemy has catch up with you but because you fail to do the needful. What is the needful?

If you fail to adhere to the warning of the Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC. Wel NCC has issued a notice to the general public on Monday that a 19 day grace period for mobile phone users to check your sim card to know weather is registered in Nigeria or not.

Here is how to confirm your mobile number(s) registration status to avoid being block by NCC.

MTN – dial *789*1#

Airtel – dial *746#

9mobile – dial 746 or 200

Glo – text REG 746 or 3456

If your sim card is registered, when you dial these numbers you will receive a message like, thank you for checking your sim status, if you don’t receive any message, go and update.

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