The fastest way to treat scanty, growth and moderate staph

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Infection problem is a global problem, because bacteria is in everywhere. If you are not careful, you will not escape infection problem, because it is on air, water and ground. So far you drink water everyday, bacteria is unavoidable, because not every water you drink is clean. Iam speaking from where iam living, Lagos Nigeria, the water we drink everyday, 50% is not clean.

The bacteria that follows water we drink, is the cause of typhoid fever and itching of the body. What about toilet, years back i visited a friend, where he lives, more than 30 people were using one toilet. No one in that house that were free from infection, may be where you live is one man one toilet fine.

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What of when you visit a friend, like the day i visited my friend, or go market, to work, or business. You feel like going to toilet, you will not go back to your house, the only option is to make use the available one around. That is how or where we get infection called syphilis, syphilis causes itching of private part, both men and women.

It causes rashes on the private part, itching on the laps, virginal discharge for women. Wounds for a man’s penis, it goes on to cause more damage in human body. What of food we eat outside, that were many people are getting infection.

Many of us living in Lagos eat outside, the food may be sweet, nice looking. But do you know the water the use to cook it? do you know the how they wash the meat, or where they get? who use that plate before they use it to serve you? do you know the place they cooked the food?

The fastest way to treat scanty, growth and moderate staph

What about sex, it is not written on the face, you don’t know who you will meet and get infection. Even many times, it will be between husband and wife, girl friend and boy friend. Harlot man and harlot woman, school mate, colleagues, shine your eyes. sexual transmitted disease is deadly.

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If your environment is dirty it can give you sickness, keep your environment clean. look around before you eat in anyplace, look at the water you want to drink. Look at the toilet you want to use, use condom for sex. wash your hands after toilet.

Staphylococcus Aurea is deadly, it can cause watering sperm, moving object in the body. Low sperm count, sperm discharge for women, hotness of the body, biting on the man’s penis, e.t.c

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