The fastest way to get rich, by James Alo

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The book of Matthew 23:11, Jesus said, he who wants to be the greatest, must be a servant. If you want to be rich, don’t think of what people will do for you, think of what you will do for them and get them to pay for it.

Business is all about solving a problem on agreed reward. Find the need of people and meet it, find their problem and solve it, that is the secret for making money.

John Kennedy said, don’t think of what your country will do for you, think of what you will do for your country.

Zigziglar said, you can get what you want in life, if you can help enough people to get what they want.

When you see people’s problem, ask yourself, do I have the skill to solve this problem? if you don’t have the skill, you can learn it, use it to solve the problem, make money and build a business from it to reach more people.

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If you can serve people with your skill you will make money, if you can serve more people you make more money. Money is not a miracle you can pray for, it is a reward of service. I don’t pray for money, I always look for the way to serve people, by adding value to their lives with my skill.

James Alo is a motivational Speaker, Author and Bible teacher. He was called to teach people the secrets of greatness and prosperity from the Bible. His Bible based teachings have changed millions of people around the World. He is the founder and president of James Alo Changing World. You can reach him on

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