#EndSARSprotest: Tinubu Run To France

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Earlier today, as the protest became more intense, a rumour was released about the fact that Tinubu has travelled to France because of the current situation in the country; however, not confirmed.

And based on that, a video has been released tonight, stating that Tinubu has been allegedly found in the hotel where he lodged in at France.

This video has gone quite viral with Nigerians calling on Nigerians in France to do justice to him as they believe he is part of those involved in the massacre last night

In the alleged video, Nigerians were seen in front of the hotel shouting at the man, while the security guards were preventing them from entering.

A man shared the video with the caption:

“This is the video from the hotel where Tinubu is hiding. Imagine what Nigerians are doing in the diaspora. I’m so proud to be a Nigerian. #TinubuIsAKiller #jidesanwoluisamuderer #fireburnmtnoffices #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA”

Thus, follow the link below to watch the video:


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