How to create your better future by James Alo

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The book of proverb 13:20, the Bible said, he that walk with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. Who you follow determines what follows you. determines what you will become and Determines your future.

Show me your friends, I will show you what you will become, your future and how you will end. If you walk with those who are success minded people, you will be successful. If you follow aimless, ambition less and dreamless people, you will be like them and end up a failure.

A wise man said, where you will be in next five years, will determine by books you read and people you follow. There is anointing in association, you cannot be different from those you associate with.

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If you want to make a great impact and achieve your greatness, check all friends, anyone who is not helping you to become what you want, leave him or her. It is better to have two friends that is helping you to achieve your dream, than to have nine of them that is taking you out of your dream.

Paul Allen associated with Bill Gates, they created Microsoft.

David Flo associated with Jerry Yang, they created

Life Changing Hour with James Alo

We don’t make friends, we chose friends. If you have a dream, not every person you meet is good for you to associate with. Not every book is good for to read  and Not every place is good for you to go.

James Alo is a motivational Speaker, Author and Bible teacher. He was called to teach people the secrets of greatness and prosperity from the Bible. His Bible based teachings have changed millions of people around the World. He is the founder and president of James Alo Changing World. You can reach him at

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