Breaking: Tension As Nnamdi Kanu insists, says Mission To Free Biafra From Nigeria Is Unstoppable

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Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has restated that the restoration of Biafra is unstoppable.

In a recent post received by ECO CITY REPORTERS, on his official micro-blogging site, twitter on Sunday, Kanu insisted to continue to expose what he called conspiracy against IPOB.

The IPOB leader said: “IPOB’s mission to #FreeBiafra from Nigeria is divine and unstoppable.

“We shall continue to expose every lie and unravel every conspiracy against IPOB & Biafra.”

He also scheduled broadcast.
“Join me on our next live broadcast on Radio Biafra platforms.
Date: Monday, October 7, 2019
Time: 7 pm Biafraland Time,” he said.

The IPOB leader had said that anyone talking about one Nigeria need a medical doctor because his “brain is not correct and can never be”.

According to him, Nigeria is not salvageable.

“The Nigeria that Britain created, Lugard, it’s name was a minor company sent to Africa to see what they can gain or what they can exploit out our of ignorance of their own understanding.

“I want Nigeria completely and totally destroyed that even the name does not exist. That is how much I despise it,” Nnamdi Kanu said.

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