Breaking: New Biafra currency is out in Enugu, better than Nigeria currency

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Ebonyi Daily News learnt that the currency spent in the defunct Republic of Biafra during the Nigerian civil war (1967-70), Biafran Pound, has surreptitiously crept into the currency market, serving as the legal tender in some communities along the West African coast.

Ebonyi Daily News gathered  that the money is being spent in the border town between Togo and Republic of Benin, while some currency hawkers also exchange it for the naira and other currencies in the border town between Ghana and Togo.

One Biafran pound still bears the signature of Dr. Syvelster Ugo, the then Governor of the Central Bank of the defunct Biafran Republic and the picture of a palm tree.

Its back has the coat of arms of the republic with the inscription: “peace, unity and freedom.What is, however, baffling about the currency is that it has more value than the Nigerian

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