Breaking: Man Raises Alarm Over Fake Tomatoes Being Sold In Market (Photos)

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A social media user has brought the attention of her followers to a fake food item.

It appears one cannot be too careful when it comes to going on grocery shopping especially in the open markets scenes.

In what could be described as a completely surprising development, a Nigerian lady left social media users in a startled state after sharing photos of a fake food item that a man bought from the market.

According to the lady identified as Chiamaka, the man bought tomatoes from the market only to discover that what was sold to him was completely unripe.

However, the traders were quick to play smart on him by dousing the unripe tomato inside red paint and making it appear ripe to unsuspecting consumers.

In the photos shared, the paint could be seen washing off the body of the fruit to reveal what it really looks like.

Sharing the image, the lady wondered how people could be so heartless.

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