Breaking: David oyedepo predicts another forthcoming terrible dieases

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Bishop David Oyedepo of  Living Faith church, also known as Winners Chapel, has warned Christians that loads of new diseases and plagues are coming.

The cleric, who gave the threatening during a live broadcast, advised Christians to appropriate salvation and corporation in Jesus.

Speaking on a implication allowed ‘understanding our heritage of say-so over bug and disease,’ the minister understood emancipation is a new estate of a bug free life.

“Let me conclude by proverb near are available to be scores of other waves of nausea and disease. The Bible comments that entirely the sicknesses that are not in print in this charge are coming.

“Deuteronomy 28:61 “Also every sickness, and every plague, which is not in black and white in the reserve of this law, them will the lady bring in upon thee, until thou be destroyed.

“It is not new, near are new diseases, they will be coming, that is why you require to haul protect on time before you develop into a victim.

“Take coat in emancipation and cotton on your buff and nation vested in the name; so therefore commence to pace in command over bad health and disease! That shall be your portion in the designation of Jesus.

“When Jesus sat with the disciples, not one was reported sick once. His authority truly clear them from altogether satanic assaults and he thought “Lo, I am with you always. I will not have the result that you comfortless, I will approach to you” – amazing promises, overwhelming life.

He, therefore, prayed that idol will begin his corporation and no one in the house of worship will be a victim.

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