Biafra is the only solution to Africa problem – Asari Dokubo

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The Leader Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta, Asari Dokubo has said that the only solution for the future and future of his his children is Biafra.

He said: “The only solution for the future is Biafra, If you are not in support of Biafra, you are the traitor, and the generation that are coming will split on your face, they will urinate and dedicate on your face if you are alive or on your grave for betraying them.”

“You come to talk, you are afraid, you are a coward, you don’t want to stand up aside, you want to remain where you are, i will not remain with you.

“Biafra Army, the Military of Biafra will be the core foundation of the Biafran People, If you want peace, Prepare for war, their cattle are everywhere entering their communities, every law was made for them.”

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