Biafra: How Igbos became the richest tribe in Nigeria

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Many questions have been asked about the richest tribe,in other to clarify this research has led us in support of the igbos been The richest in the country, and this is the secret behind it

The Igbo tribe which is mostly located at the Eastern part of Nigeria are known for business marketing and other resourceful activities, the igbo tribe are mostly acclaimed for helping themselves which is the major reason for their prosperity in is notable that an average Igbo usually bring his fellow tribe in to his business which he finds lucrative to serve for an agreed period of time and afterwards settle the person with some amount of money to start up his own.igbos although do not have a greater opportunity in government but sure their economical power still speaks for them.

Another reason why the igbos became the richest tribe in Nigeria is that the greatest fear of an Igbo man is poverty they don’t want to be called unsuccessful they fear what the society may see them and this fear is what makes them to work hard in other to Igbo man has a trait of egocentrism they would always want to take titles in other to show off their wealth and for people to praise him or her and appreciate them in the society, although this fear sometimes leads them into rituals and other notorious activities in other to get to the top,but still their wealth is marked by some degrees of hustle in other to have a meaningful life

The Igbo success is backed by the backbone of Independence where they struggle to survive without looking upon anyone for assistance and usually goes with the saying that since they can put food on their table no one has the power to other them around, although many tribes have disagreed with this with the opinion that Igbos success is accompanied by cheating in business and another corruptible attitude which has made them wealthy.


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