What Benny Hinn Told Nigerian Pastors During Reinhard Bonnke’s Burial

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The Israeli pastor and Evangelist Benny Hinn, best known for his miracle crusades and faith healing conference. Charged Nigerian pastors to emulate the German Pentecostal Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Who spent millions of dollars to preach the gospel in Africa.

According to him, Nigerian pastors should change their mentality from collecting to giving. They should learn how to use their money to preach the gospel not to use it for private jet and landing property. They should measure their success in ministry by what their give not what they take.

According to him, as a man of God don’t allow people to list among rich people. A man of God should known for his impact not for his money. He further said that even some American pastors are still operate with that mentality.

Meanwhile Reinhard Bonnke is one of the greatest evangelists ever walked on the face of the earth. Before he passed on, he has led more than 90 million of people to Christ, he was known as Billy Graham of Africa.

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