Arrest any lady wearing mini skirt in Redeemed church – Pastor E A Adeboye

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the general overseer of the RCCG, in way of proving to Christians that their bodies are the temple of the holy ghost ordered security guards to arrest anyone found indecently dressed at the Redemption Camp.

Nigerian Tribune reports that Pastor Enoch Adeboye gave the order on Saturday morning, January 5, during the annual Ministers’ Thanksgiving at the 3×3 Auditorium at Shimawa, Ogun state. The man of God said since the Redemption Camp harbours the auditorium, a holy place of worship, the entire Redemption City is as holy as the auditorium.

According to him, “The entire camp is a church and everything at the Redemption Camp revolves around the auditorium. “The way you can’t dress to the church, don’t dress so in the camp. If you are caught indecently dressed in the camp, you’ll be arrested.

“Parents should warn their children because if you dress indecently in the camp, they’ll be arrested. “And when their parents come to bail them, they’ll be arrested, too. This is holy ground. Why? Because God is always walking in the midst of His people.  “As far as I’m still around, anyone who wants to destroy this camp will be dealt with,” Daddy Adeboye warned

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