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Below are the available types of banners.

Newsletter Ads

We have thousands of happy subscribers enrolled and satisfied with our newsletters, we usually send out newsletters at least three times in a week. Your advertisement will be embedded within the newsletter. It can be text and image adverts

This type of advert can display on both mobile and PC platform, See samples and additional details.

Social Media Ads

We will feature you advert on our social pages (Facebook and Twitter  Making your business or whatever you are promoting to reach thousands of our fans.

Sponsored Post

This can be used to spread a news, or detailed awareness about your business, product and any other thing you wish to advertise. It is a post that will be on our website forever, you can add several images, text and videos.

This type of advert can display on both mobile and PC platform.

Link And Text Ads (No Image)

This type of advertisement is composed of text and links (no image), it will lead traffic to your landing page or website whwnever people click on it. You can include Phone Numbers and email in your text.

This advert can display on both mobile and PC platform.