7 Ways A Lady Will Know Her Real Man Before Saying Yes To Him

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The word marriage means a union between man and woman from different family, background and up bringing coming together to live for the rest of their life. Marriage is 50% spiritual and 50% physical, there are things you need to know about the man you want to marry, it is not by prayer but by study.

Don,t let anybody recommend a man for you, because anyone who recommend a man for is not going to live with after your wedding. Chose by yourself so that anything that comes up later you are not going to blame anybody. Here we want to discuss seven ways a woman will know her real man.

1.Truth. As a lady when you meet a man for the first time, record everything he said in your brain, when you meet again, if he tells you something different from what he said before, see him as a liar and he is not a man you can go on with. Your real man man is a man who tells the truth about his life, his past and background.

2.Accepting you the way you are. When you meet a man for the first, you let him know about you, your family, educational background, where you come from and he still accept you go on with him.

3.Supporting your vision. As a lady if have a vision or calling and share with a man you want to marry, he reject it, he is not a man you will go on with, your real man will support your vision.

4.Love. Love covers everything we have said, if a man love you, he will tell you truth, accept you the way you are and support your vision.

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