7 Ways To Escape Poverty If You Were Born In The Poor Family

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Poverty is not an inheritance it is a choice, it is not the lack of money it is the lack of idea. It is not the state of be lack it is the state of mind. Nobody was born with money in his hand even the great Bill Gates.

You don’t overcome poverty by fasting and praying, we overcome by giving. If you want to overcome poverty find the need of people and meet or find people’s problem and meet it.

If you want to have financial success, do what you have not done, go where you have not gone, meet people you have not met and read books you have not read.

90% wealthy people were born in the poor family, they discovered the principles of financial success followed it and become wealthy, you too can it.

If you want to overcome poverty and become rich, you must believe that you deserve to be rich. You must believe that you have what it takes to become rich. You must believe that it is your responsibility to become rich and you must believe that can become rich this year.

You must believe in your dream, believe in your ability, believe in your future and believe in God. For any reason don’t accept poverty as your birthright.

There is nothing good in poverty, poverty is a destroyer, it can destroys your ability to help people around you. Poverty has no friends, it makes people to run away from you even your love ones.

If you are poor your pastor will not recognize you. If you are first born and you are poor and is rich, your parents will respect the last Born and talk to the first born anyhow.

Wealth commands respect, encourage your friends to follow these principles to become rich.

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