7 Things Igbos Will Do To Get 2023 Presidency Without Struggle

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The major tribes in Nigeria are Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. After independence in 1960, Igbos were on top in Government along the line something went wrong, since then they no longer on top anymore till today. Since Nigeria changed to democracy 1999 no Igbo man has ever become the president of Nigeria.

Olusegun Obasanjo was a president for eight years represented southwest, Musa Yaradua was a president for two years represented North, Goodluck Jonathan was a president for six years represented south south, Buhari is a president for five years representing North, where is south east?

There is hope that igbo man will become a president in 2023, but igbos have to do their home work very well. Igbos are known to be a money lovers, some of the them can sell their birth right to make money. For igbos to achieve that position in 2023 they have to lay the issue of money aside.

They have to reject any money offer by any politician to forget presidency. They have to lay the issue of party aside, they should learn from north, when you come to power Hausa have only one party. Igbos should learn from them, whether you are APC or PDP member as long as you are igbo man or woman you join hand to support any igbo presidential candidate.

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