7 Prayer points, for Biafra success and victory by Rev Ejike Mbaka

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The spiritual control the physical. Biafra success and victory, is not only about physical, there are more to do spiritual. It takes the power of God, for Israelite to leave Egypt. Every Biafrans should participate in this prayer.

Father, every Pharaoh, that does not want Biafrans to go, let him die in Jesus name.

Every secret meeting, holding against Biafra movement, let it scatter in Jesus name.

Father, protect Nnamdi Kanu, where ever he is, in Jesus name.

Father, touch the hearth of world leaders, to support Biafra agitation, in Jesus name.

Father, let the next UN meeting, favour Biafrans, in Jesus name.

Father arise, and let all Biafra enemies scatter, in Jesus name.

Father, bless Biafra land.

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