5 reasons Goodluck Jonathan will never accept to rule Nigeria again

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Former Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan had in a statement denied that he is under pressure to contest in the 2023 presidential election.

Many Nigerians wanted Jonathan back to power because they think that things were better during his administration than how it is today.

But the former president seems to be happy with the role he is playing now, not just a father here in Nigeria but in Africa. His profile indeed is growing higher by the day.

Here are major reasons Jonathan may never accept to rule Nigeria again.

He was the most abused president.

When he was in power he said that he was the most abused president in Nigeria. Some said that he was clueless and all sorts of names. So, he may not want to come back again.

He was betrayed

The betrayal against Jonathan was in full scale. The people around him pretended that they were with him, but were against him.

He said it after he lost the election in 2015, he said “My friends have abandoned me” Being the kind of person he is, there is no way he can be comfortable with such environment.

He is not a do or die person

Goodluck Jonathan is a man of peace. He put a call through to Muhammadu Buhari, even before the winner was declared in 2015 to congratulate him.

He has said it many times that his ambition is not worth the life of any Nigerian.

He is a happier outside power

Take a look at our former president, Goodluck Jonathan, he looks more refreshed now that when he is in power. The burden of ruling over the affairs of Nigeria is so great. He always shows genuine care for the country.

I see it in him when there is a tragic incidence he is always sober. Unlike some people with carefree attitudes.

We did not know his worth.

It is possible you have something and not appreciate it. We did not appreciate him when in power. But today the whole values ad appreciate him. His profile has risen ever since he left power.

He told us that when he left power, we will appreciate him.

Is it now too late for us to have him back?

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