5 Powers That Rule The World Which Many People Don’t Know

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Spiritual control the physical, there are powers that control the world, which many people don’t know. We have spiritual world, we have mental world, these two world produce the third one called physical world. Anyone who failed in the spiritual world and mental will definitely fail in the physical world.

Spiritual world and physical world is like a computer. When you type words on computer and print it out with print machine, if there is any error, you can’t correct it on the paper or printing machine, you have to go back to the computer and correct it.

When something is wrong in someones life, like poverty, stagnation and so on, the problem started in spiritual or mental world. To solve the problem, you have to correct things that are wrong in the spiritual or physical world. It is someones mental picture that determine his earthly destiny. When the mental picture is not clear it will reflate in that person’s destiny.

The man of God tells us the five powers that rule the world.

1.The power of Imagination. Genesis 11 vs 6, God said there is nothing a man imagine in heart that he cannot achieve. Your imagination rule your world.

2.The power of choice. You don,t become great by be born in the great family, your greatness lies on the choice you make. To become rich or poor is a choice. Your choice rules your world.

3.The power of faith. Jesus said all things are possible to him that believe. Your believe rules your world.

4.The power of association. Your future depends on the people you associate with. Show me your friends and i will show you your future.

5.The power of prayer. All things are possible when we pray.

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