3 Things The Rich People Teach Their Children That Poor People Don’t

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Many rich people were influence by their parents. The Bible says, train up a child the way he should go, when he grow he will not depart from it. How you train your children matters a lot, some people are poor today because of the way they brought up. There are three things the rich teach their children.

1.The importance of money. The rich teach their Children the importance of money, they let their them know money answering all things, you can get many things done with money. While the poor teach their Children that we came to this world with nothing and we will leave this world with nothing. Money is not all that important, once you get money to feed, cloth is enough.

2.The importance of association. The rich teach their Children how to make friends, they let their them know that who they follow determine their future, who they follow determine what follows them, there is anointing in association. If you follow vision less, aimless and people with poverty mentality, you going no where in life. Show me your friends, i will show you your future, rich people are mindful who their Children follow.

3.The importance of investment. The rich teach their Children how to make money, save it and invest, they let them know the importance of financial education. Because they hate poverty they want their Children to be poor, poverty is sickness and it can only be cure by financial knowledge. If you want to be rich, get financial education, that is the ability to handle cash flow. How much you making does not make you rich, but how much you save and invest is what makes you rich.

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