3 Reasons Why Many Educated People Are Poor, While Uneducated are Getting Rich

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Billionaires are not made in University, they become rich by what they do after school. Have you ever sat down to ask yourself, why school cert employ professor. If school makes people rich professor would have be the richest people in the World. When it comes to getting rich, don’t focus on academic education instead focus on financial education.

The richest people today are not most educated ones, think about Thomas Edison, Coscharies and others. Get me right, i am not saying you should not go to school, go to school is very important, you can do with out it, but i want you to know that we go to school so that we can speak, write and do maths.

If you cannot speak, write or do maths, you can’t do business and if you cannot do business you can’t become rich. But when you comes getting rich, it requires skills that you cannot learn in University. There are three things schools don’t teach student and that is many educated people are poor

1.School did not teach them how to own a big business. School prepare people to work in a big company not to own a big company.

2.School did not teach them how to make money work for them. It prepares them to go and work for money.

3.School did not teach them how to start a business, how to handle customers, how to save money and how to invest. The most important skills in building business are leadership skill, networking skill and sales skill. You can’t get all these skills in school, but through self education.

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