2023: We Igbos don’t need presidency, we need Biafra – Senator Ike Ekweremmadu

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Senator Ike Ekweremmadu said, ((Iam not campaigning for Atiku because Igbos want presidency in 2023, or because for Igbo man to be a vice president, no, iam doing it because is our party. For long Nigeria govt has mocking Igbos with zoning presidency, what Igbos are agitating for is not presidency, they want the nation of Biafra.

Every Igbo man or woman should go and vote for PDP on feb 16, it is a step to where we are going, Atiku has Igbos in mind for good than Buhari, vote wisely.

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by James Alo

James Alo is the founder and chief publisher of Jamyco.com.