2 Things You Should Stop Taking When You Reach 40 Years To Avoid High Blood Pressure And Diabetic

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More than fifty million people are suffering high blood pressure and diabetic today world wide.There are things that causes high blood pressure, like stress, pregnancy, Age, Race,sex, life style and family history. But the main cause is life style.

What eat can be a problem to you, i was at Oshodi Lagos two years ago a man over fifty years came order five eggs, asked them to fry it, in next five minutes everything was done, past it him and he ate every thing.He thought He was enjoying, never knew he was dying.

Whatever you want to eat look at you age first, if you are over 40 years there are things you need to avoid. For instant you should minimize the use of air conditional and taking of much cold drink. At that age too much of cold drink and much of use of air conditional will weak your veins fast.

Once you are over 40 years don’t eat more than one egg in a day, don’t take more one bottle of cold drink in day weather soft drink or beer. Taking all these things when you past 40 you stand the risk of getting high blood pressure or diabetic, be careful with what eat, how or where you eat it.

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